Leather Car Interior Repair

At LA Leather Repair, our leather artisans have over 25 years of experience working on a huge range of vehicle leather and vinyl interiors. Whether it’s the personal daily driver with worn out seats or the leather steering wheel on a classic car, we can do it all. If your leather seats are faded and cracked, the leather side-door paneling, center console or armrest is  faded, stained, scratched, or damaged, our leather experts can take a look and give you a realistic assessment of what can be done along with a free, competitive quote.

We have experience working with a wide range of vehicles including limousines, motorcycles, motorhomes and more. For any vehicle with leather or vinyl interior we offer world-class leather car interior repair, restoration and cleaning.

Los Angeles customers should give us a call today at 213-500-6220 for a free quote. For an even more accurate quote, make sure you send us some pictures of your damaged leather. Check our gallery of stunning Before-and-After pictures to get an idea of what you can expect.

Mobile Leather Car Interior Repair, Restoration and Cleaning

Los Angeles is known for its near year-round sunshine. Not only can this make your car feel like an oven during the summer, but all that heat and sunlight can totally wreck the leather interior on any vehicle. Cracked and faded seats, steering wheels and other exposed parts of your car’s interior can cause your car to look unsightly and also uncomfortable to sit in.
But the good news is that LA Leather Repair will come to your location and perform the restoration and repair onsite. If you have multiple cars or large vehicles that need work, there’s no need to bring all over to us. Our leather craftsmen bring all the necessary supplies and equipment in our trucks to you. If you have a busy day ahead, we’ll perform the restoration while you work and let you know when it’s finished.

Common Types of Vehicle Leather Interior Damage

There are a few different problems that vehicle leather interiors suffer over time that require repair or restoration.

Fading – You’ve probably seen what the sun can do to the paint of an older car. The same thing happens to the leather interior. Over time, the sun will bleach the color and cause the leather to fade. Our leather artisans use safe, non-toxic dyes to restore and rejuvenate your leather interior.

Cracks – As leather starts to dry out it will lose its suppleness and elasticity. When that happens, you’ll notice it becomes more uncomfortable to sit on and starts to look pretty bad. We use our decades of experience and equipment to condition and restore your leather to give it new lease on life.

Scratches – Another big issue is scratches on leather. Whether it’s keys, sharp metal clips or buckles on bags, pet claws, or other equipment, scratches will often become the first thing you see when you get in your car or vehicle. Depending on the size, length, and location of the scratch, our leather experts are often able to dramatically reduce its appearance and restore your leather.

Stains – The most common types of stains on leather are body oils and dye transfer from clothing like blue jeans. But other types of stains are not uncommon. Beverage and food stains, ink from pens, or even pet stains can all leave marks on your beautiful leather. To remove the stains and get your leather looking fabulous again we use specialized products for all of our leather car interior repair, restoration and cleaning.

Los Angeles customers who are ready to refurbish and restore the leather interior of their vehicles should get in touch with us today. We are passionate about the intricate details of our work and the craftsmanship that is required. With over 25 years of experience, we’ve restored all types of high-end leather from private airplanes to yachts and everything in between.

What We Use for Leather Car Interior Repair, Restoration and Cleaning

Los Angeles customers are often very curious about the types of cleaners and solutions that we use for our leather care, conditioning and repair. We are proud to use only safe, non-toxic cleaners for all of our leather services. When solvents are required, we use the least toxic possible, like acetone. All of our dyes are water-based and non-toxic as well.

The Materials and Supplies We Use for Leather Furniture Repair

Los Angeles is home to some of the healthiest and most environmentally-conscious people in the world. That’s why we try to use the safest products whenever we can. All of our dyes are water-based and non-toxic so they’re safe for pets and kids. We also use non-toxic cleaners and leather conditioners. Of course, in order to deliver the premium service that our customers demand, we often have to strip the leather.

How to Get Started with LA Leather Repair

The first step is to give us a call today at 213-500-6220. We would love to learn more about how we can help and offer you a free quote. To get a more accurate quote, make sure to send us a picture of your damaged leather. You can also take some time to take a look through our gallery of Before-and-After pictures to see our work for yourself.

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Our Work

Here are some before & after photos of our leather furniture repair work.