RV Interior Repair and Restoration

Your RV is a source of treasured memories for your family and ultimate freedom for your vacations and traveling. But over time the interior of your RV can start to fade, crack, or get damaged and stained. These blemishes not only can distract from the beauty and your enjoyment of your RV, but they can also reduce the resale value of your RV if you ever choose to sell it.

One option to deal with leather tears, stains, or fading is to replace the interior entirely–which can be extremely costly. But a much better option for many of our customers is RV interior repair and restoration. Los Angeles customers can extend the life of their RV and completely restore their leather or vinyl interior faster and much more affordably. We even offer warranty repairs.

LA Leather Repair has over 25 years of experience working on all different brands of RVs including Bounder, Four Winds, Rambler, Jayco, Winnebago, and more. Our leather artisans are passionate about the fine details of restoring and repairing your leather or vinyl interior. Our customers are always amazed at the beautiful results that they get.

To get started, call us today at 213-500-6220 for a free quote. To get a more detailed and accurate quote, make sure that you send us a picture of your damaged leather. In the meantime, you can browse through our stunning gallery of Before-and-After pictures to see the kind of incredible transformations we deliver.

Mobile RV Interior Repair and Restoration

Los Angeles is one of the most difficult places to drive around in a car. But in an RV it can be a nightmare. That’s exactly why LA Leather Repair will come to your location to perform any and all repairs for your leather or vinyl. Our leather experts carry all the necessary tools and equipment to repair, restore, and recondition your leather. There’s no need to worry about driving your RV to a leather repair store, risking further damage, or wasting your valuable time.

Common Issues We Work On for RV Interior Repair and Restoration

Los Angeles residents have access to some of the most stunning national forests and beautiful landscapes that are all accessible with your RV. But with all the use that your RV gets, there are a few common issues that can happen with your leather or vinyl interior. Our leather master craftsmen can handle any issue that you might be having but here are some of the most frequent problems we see.

  • Fading – If your RV gets parked in the sun, one issue we see often is fading leather. Leather and vinyl can also start to fade with frequent use. Our leather experts are able to restore your leather and rejuvenate it to give it a fresh new look.
  • Cracking – Leather needs to be regularly cleaned, conditioned, and cared for in order to retain its strength and elasticity. Over time your leather or vinyl interior may start to develop cracks and creases in it. Our leather experts can perform preventative cleaning services to extend the life of your RV’s interior to help you avoid the high cost of replacing your interior in the future.
  • Stains – Beverage, food, and pet stains are common in RVs for families and individuals that travel a lot. Other common stains include body oil and dye transfer from clothing like blue jeans. Using our cleaning solutions and dyes, our leather experts can restore your leather.
  • Scratches – Whether it’s from car keys, pet paws, or sharp metal from bags and equipment, your leather can sometimes develop scratches or even small rips and tears. In many cases, our leather experts can completely fill in these scratches and tears so that they are nearly undetectable.

Why Work with LA Leather Repair

Leather repair is a truly artisan profession. There are few businesses left practicing this craft in its true form and we are proud to continue that tradition. We love the attention to detail that is required and the transformation that we are able to work with your leather and vinyl. On top of that, the cleaning solutions we use are safe and non-toxic. When solvents are required, we use low-toxicity acetone to clean the leather. Another common product we use are dyes. All of our dyes are water-based and non-toxic. We know that you’re going to be in close contact with your RV’s leather interior and we want you to feel safe.

The Materials and Supplies We Use for Leather Furniture Repair

Los Angeles is home to some of the healthiest and most environmentally-conscious people in the world. That’s why we try to use the safest products whenever we can. All of our dyes are water-based and non-toxic so they’re safe for pets and kids. We also use non-toxic cleaners and leather conditioners. Of course, in order to deliver the premium service that our customers demand, we often have to strip the leather.

How to Get Started with RV Interior Repair and Restoration

Los Angeles customers who are ready to get started with refurbishing their leather should give LA Leather Repair a call today at 213-500-6220. When you call, we will learn all we can about your unique situation and offer you a competitive, free quote. If you want an even more accurate quote, make sure you send us pictures of your damaged leather. We also have a robust gallery of Before-and-After pictures showcasing our incredible leather experts’ work. From there, our leather craftsmen will dispatch to your location with all the required tools, cleaners, dyes, and solutions to totally restore your leather.

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Our Work

Here are some before & after photos of our leather furniture repair work.