How to Get Started with Leather Furniture Repair

Los Angeles customers who are ready to get the leather furniture repair process started can give us a call at 213-500-6220 for a free quote. We also recommend you take a picture of the problem area and send it to us. This will allow our leather experts to get a better idea of how we can help and provide a more accurate estimate.

From there, our leather craftsmen will come to where you are and bring all of the necessary equipment and supplies with them to complete the repair in one visit. In most cases, the repair process can often be done in just a few hours. If you have people coming over or you’re heading out for the evening, we can almost always have your leather items ready the same day. Plus, with decades of experience our artisans will totally restore your leather to “like new” condition. Many of our customers describe the results as “magical” because of how precise and seamless our repair work is.

Our leather experts are dedicated artisans and craftsmen who have unparalleled attention to detail. We take extreme pride in every job that we do: whether it’s erasing stains on a vintage divan or getting your top-of-the-line handbag back to that “just bought” look, we’ll make sure it get done with unsurpassed care and precision. Get in touch with us today to get started!

Common Causes of Leather Damage

While leather is one of the most beautiful and durable materials in our daily lives, it is not immune to tears and stains. When it comes to discoloration, some of the most common culprits are ink marks from pens or markers, dye transfer from other colored clothing like blue jeans, and oil stains from skin or hair. Because leather is porous, it absorbs oils and other substances easily and causes discoloration.

With rips and holes, there are a few common causes:

  • Scissors or other sharp objects – Whether it’s an arts-and-crafts project or continued wear from a pair of nail clippers, metal objects can easily slice right through most leather upholsteries.
  • Keys – If you stash your keys in the same purse or jacket pocket, the sharp metal points can eventually poke through and cause a hole in your leather.
  • Pets – If you have pets, then you know that they’re all valued members of our families. But with dogs and cats, their sharp claws and teeth are some of the most common causes of leather furniture repair. Los Angeles customers can still restore their beautiful leather and eliminate scratches, claw marks, and puncture holes by giving us a call today.

What Types of Leather Do We Repair?

Leather is one of the most versatile materials for clothing and coverings. Our master craftsmen can work on all different types of leather including aniline, nubuck, simulated leather and more.

On top of that, we have over 25 years of leather furniture repair experience working on a variety of leather upholsteries:

  • Automotive and RV – From leather steering wheel covers to upholstery and more, our leather masters can repair cracks, tears, fading colors, and stains back to their original brilliance.
  • Airplane upholstery – Our leather experts have dedicated themselves to the mastery of their craft and produce impeccable artistry for top-of-the-line leather products like airplane upholstery.
  • Leather conference tables and desks – Don’t let an unsightly tear, rip, or stain on your conference table or desk get in the way of your next meeting or deal. Call LA Leather Repair and our master craftsmen will come to you and have it looking great in just a few hours.

Why Use Mobile Leather Furniture Repair?

Los Angeles residents know how tough it is to go just a few exits down the freeway here. If you have a large piece of furniture to load into a van or a trailer, it can become an all-day ordeal. Even if you just need a small item repaired like a handbag or jacket, getting around in LA can rob you of valuable time.

That’s exactly why LA Leather Repair comes to you. Our leather furniture repair trucks are stocked with everything our artisans need to completely fix any damage to your leather sofa, divan, love seat, or accessory. Our service area includes all of Los Angeles and Orange County.

The Materials and Supplies We Use for Leather Furniture Repair

Los Angeles is home to some of the healthiest and most environmentally-conscious people in the world. That’s why we try to use the safest products whenever we can. All of our dyes are water-based and non-toxic so they’re safe for pets and kids. We also use non-toxic cleaners and leather conditioners. Of course, in order to deliver the premium service that our customers demand, we often have to strip the leather.

Leather Furniture Repair

If you have a rip, stain, or hole in your leather furniture there’s absolutely no reason to panic or start hunting for a replacement. Whether it’s a high-end antique divan with oil stains, an unsightly hole in your favorite vintage handbag, or a tear in a brand new leather jacket, our leather repair master craftsmen can fix just about any kind of issue that you might be having. We know exactly how important your leather accessories and furniture are to you which is why we take our work incredibly seriously. Our attention to detail is unmatched and we don’t consider our work done until your leather furniture repair looks pristine.

If you’re ready to get started with your leather furniture repair, you can give us a call at 213-500-6220 for a free quote.

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