Marine seating Restoration

Exposure to sun, wind and rain can cause damage to marine seating in boats, yachts and personal watercraft. Why replace when you may be able to repair? Our master craftsmen can provide an honest assessment and fair quote to repair or restore your vessel’s damaged leather seating. Before paying for expensive replacement components for your boat, yacht or personal watercraft, give LA Leather Repair a call for your free quote. Send us a picture of the damage for a more accurate quote.

Restore Your Vessel’s Former Glory to Continue Making Great Memories

There’s a reason Southern California’s weather is envied throughout the world. With endless blue skies, nearly constant sunshine and rarely a reason to find our heavy winter coat, we are justifiably possessive of our almost perfect climate. For those who love the water, the Los Angeles area is also a playground for aquatic adventurers between the vast Pacific Ocean, countless lakes and the many ways to enjoy them. Whether that entails a yacht built for relaxing cruises up and down the coast, a sailboat to wander around Marina Del Rey, or a sportsman’s special that’s equally adept at fishing and day cruises to Catalina, the waters of Southern California have something for everyone.

Unfortunately, our climate also has a way of wearing down the interiors of our beloved vessels, dulling their beauty over time. Like most things in life, a little upkeep can go a long way in maintaining the boats that have generated so many memories. Without that upkeep, however, leather bench seating begins to split, moldings become frayed, and suddenly, that beautiful vessel is anything but beautiful — a far cry from your memory of buying it all those years ago.

If this sounds familiar to you, LA Leather Repair’s unparalleled expertise in leather repair and restoration is just what you’re looking for to bring back your watercraft’s former glory. Our master craftsmen have over 25 years of experience repairing and restoring leather damage caused by the unforgiving Southern California climate and the damage it can cause to the custom chairs, bench seats, fixtures, fittings and moldings in one of your most prized possessions, LA Leather Repair may be able to restore your watercraft’s interior and condition it to withstand the harsh climate for many years to come.

We can also save you money by addressing the problem before costly replacement components are needed. To make it convenient for you, we travel to your vessel, whether that’s docked in the marina or sitting in your front yard. However, if you’re still unsure if you need interior restoration for your watercraft, there are a few distinct signs to watch for.


Sun Damage

As every Southern California resident is well aware, the sun is both a friend and foe. While it provides us fantastic weather that allows us to enjoy our watercraft in the first place, it also wields a heavy hammer over time. Over the years, consistent sun exposure can draw out the moisture from your leather seats and fittings in your boat. With enough time and exposure to the sun, the lack of moisture dries the materials, giving them a rough feeling and texture. Sun damaged leather is unattractive and uncomfortable to sit on. Eventually, once the leather is sufficiently damaged, the base of the seats can start to deteriorate, leaving the items unusable and in need of replacement.

Water and Moisture Damage

Of course, given their nature, watercraft will see significant saltwater or freshwater exposure over their lives. As unlikely as it might sound, however, it’s not the exposure to moisture while in use that can be so damaging to the interior components of your boat. Much like sunlight exposure, the humidity and infrequent but forceful rainfall we experience in the Los Angeles area wreak the most havoc.

Over the long term, excessive moisture stains, bloats and warps porous materials like leather, weakening it to the point where it’s unusable. With the humidity, heat and sun exposure in Southern California, your watercraft’s interior components are subjected to elements that shorten their lifespan and, in turn, shorten the enjoyment you get from your vessel.

How to Get Started with LA Leather Repair

The first step is to give us a call today at 213-500-6220. We would love to learn more about how we can help and offer you a free quote. To get a more accurate quote, make sure to send us a picture of your damaged leather.

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